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SALVÁREA born from the purpose of celebrating the wonders of nature to inspire you to take care of them. For this reason, we seek to be aware and responsible from each action we carry out, and likewise actively contribute to the conservation of the ecosystems in which we are inspired.





Preserve different Colombian ecosystems such as: High Andean Forest, Páramo, Tropical Humid Forest, Tropical Dry Forest, Snowy Peaks and Coral Reefs.


Support different organizations that conserve nature such as: Fundación Natura, O2 Reserve, Pajareritos, Cumbres Blancas Colombia and Corales de Paz.

Celebrate the treasures of Colombian nature so that more and more of us work to protect them.




Reduce CO2 emissions from the jewelry industry by up to a third. 


Prevent more than 600 kilograms of radiographs from being disposed of incorrectly.


Reuse 6000 grams of Silver as raw material from a second source.

Our sustainability axes



Did you know that Colombia is the most biodiverse country in the world in relation to its size?

We are passionate about touring our country and discovering new landscapes that fill us with life and creativity. We want to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of the natural landscapes of the Colombian territory. For this reason, each of our collections is inspired by a different magical place that, when united with the others, forms an Atlas and a new way of representing our country through jewelry. We visit and go through different ecosystems in depth and then create a concept rescue the most significant of our experience and share it with you.

We want to inspire you to explore, explore and investigate Colombian ecosystems with different eyes. Let yourself be amazed by the wonders that surround us!

Learn about the inspiration behind each collection here


We take care of each part of our process to reduce our environmental and social impact

We try to find alternatives that generate less impact throughout our value chain. That is why we are committed to using only Sterling Silver recycled from x-rays as raw material and replace fast but harmful processes with slower ones that protect nature and those who carry them out.

We are in constant experimentation with the materials we use, questioning ourselves what is the real value of a jewel and what we consider as such. For thoseAccording to each collection, we incorporate unconventional materials and we are constantly exploring to reuse materials considered waste or that are not common within ourand jewelry.

At this time, we have managed to give a second life to the rubble recycled concrete in our Chingaza collection, as well as experimenting with hand-blown glass for our Rio Claro collection,bronze with oxidation processes for our Tatacoa collection and recycled glass for our Cocuy collection.


Thus, little by little we seek to reduce the impact of our industry, challenge it and encourage other players to join.

Do you want to know more about our processes?